The organisation promotes education and science through several activities and workshops. The idea is to work change the negative perspective and attitude of young people towards education and science. The organisation in the past years analysed the needs of the local community young people to provide them a number of activities useful for their learning and personal development.

In particular the association promotes German language, culture and historical heritage based on the old connection between Croatia and Germany. Moreover, “Scientia Populo” advocates systematic and continuing education and investment in science in order to create more social value. The mission is to base the activities of all volunteers and members on the following core values: respect for diversity, open communication and information sharing, free expression of opinion, teamwork and collaboration in performing activities, innovation, originality and creativity, responsibility towards work, reputation, society, property and people.

In this framework, the proposed project wants to provide the opportunity to two young people in Croatia to have a formative job experience in our organisation working in the Knin community.
The short term goals are the following:
– Providing the ESC job holders the opportunity to gain new skills and competences;
– Enabling the implementation of the association’s activities providing an impact on the community among the young people;
– Empowerment of youth information systems

The long-term goals are the following:
– To support the professional development of youth work;
– To encourage young people from the Sibenik-Knin County to join the European Solidarity Corps opportunities;
– To strengthen the network among local partners and stakeholders promoting the European Solidarity corps Programme in the community.

The project’s activities are planned to achieve the short-term and long-term goals explained before. Of course, as states the ESC programme the project will work in the framework of non-formal learning, fostering the sense of initiative, active European citizenship and entrepreneurial spirit. The project meets also other of the European Solidarity Corps aims as it wants to provide young people an easy and accessible opportunity for engagement in solidarity activities effecting positive societal change, while improving their skills and competences for persona, educational, social and professional development.

For this reason, we want to provide the participants all tools and instruments to fulfil their expectation and objectives they want to reach for this project. Our staff will support the job holders for any kind of support. They will have the opportunity to work within our qualified staff in which they can acquire and improve specific professional skills, such as team work, team building, activities and events organisation, social media management. Furthermore, as state in the European Solidarity Corps guide we want to ensure the social inclusion and equal opportunities to all young people. For this reason, this project will be open to everybody and we will give priority for young people who come from economical and geographical obstacles who can have difficulties to enter in the Labour market or reach job opportunities thanks programmes such as European Solidarity Corps. Our organisation still work with this target group as our offices are based in Knin, a small community in the Dalmatian hinterland where opportunities for young people are less.
Last but not least, the proposed project will promote solidarity among young people with benefit to all local community. In fact, through the project’s activities we have the opportunity to work for the local community development promoting values such as solidarity, equality, democracy, multiculturalism and active citizenship. The idea is to work even with other local organisations to easier promote this values and provide the participants a gainfully experience.


Broj ugovora: ESC21-802C2B86

Nositelj projekta:  Udruga za obrazovanje i znanost “Scientia populo”

Ukupna vrijednost projekta: 12040 EUR

Razdoblje provedbe projekta: 05.10.2020. – 05.10.2021.

Kontakt osoba: Marija Jelić
tel: +385 91 736 9646

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